Workflow Entry: Propagation of the Co-roationg interaction region from the Sun

Created at: 13/12/11 @ 11:09:59      Last updated: 03/02/12 @ 15:39:23
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Title: Propagation of the Co-roationg interaction region from the Sun

Type: Taverna 2

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Review Title: Propagation model

Rating: 5 out of 5

Created: 03/01/12 @ 17:07:51 | Updated: 03/01/12 @ 17:07:51

I have been running this workflow as part of a learning curve in the use of Taverna in heliophysics. I used the cut and paste method from the URL given on the myExperiment page into the Taverna workbench. The workflow ran very nicely and is well documented on the myExperiment site so that it is clear what the inputs and ouputs refer to. It is a nice evocation of the Trinity College propagation model which is a good example of how to present an application as a web service.

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Created: 03/07/12 @ 13:26:33

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use of the processing service to calculate time delays to the planets Inputs: time when propagation should start from the hit object hit_object where was the SEP event observed speed of the solar wind error value of solar wind speed beta traveling speed of energetic particals as percentage of the speed of light

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