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Workflow Entry: Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region

Created at: 19/11/09 @ 18:18:52      Last updated: 07/09/12 @ 18:23:36
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Version created on: 02/09/11 @ 11:43:00 by: Paul Fisher   |   Revision comment Expand

Last edited on: 02/09/11 @ 11:44:57 by: Paul Fisher

Title: Pathways and Gene annotations for QTL region

Type: Taverna 2

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1. Fisher P, Hedeler C, Wolstencroft K, Hulme H, Noyes H, Kemp S, Stevens R, Brass A, A systematic strategy for large-scale analysis of genotype phenotype correlations: identification of candidate genes involved in African trypanosomiasis, Nucleic Acids Research, 20 August 2007,

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Created: 01/12/11 @ 07:21:30 | Updated: 01/12/11 @ 07:54:00


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  • Friday 20 June 2008 @ 15:14:48 (GMT)

    Do you have any example inputs for this workflow..?

  • Thursday 31 July 2008 @ 13:19:07 (GMT)


    chromosome_name = 17

    start_position = 28500000

    end position = 29500000

  • Monday 25 October 2010 @ 16:23:46 (GMT)
    I like this workflow
  • Thursday 14 April 2011 @ 18:00:32 (GMT)

    I could not run this workflow in Taverna, the error message Faile to oppen workflow name: doesn't appear to be a workflow!

    Other workflows work fine 

    Where do u think the problem?

  • Tuesday 17 May 2011 @ 13:08:51 (GMT)

    Please make sure you have downloaded the workflow and not the workflow image.

  • Friday 08 July 2011 @ 21:17:31 (GMT)

    hi paul my name is eric matute i am from honduras;

     can you help me on how to use taverna  since i'm new around and most do not understand! i'd appreciate it a lot, thanks!!

  • Friday 07 September 2012 @ 18:24:29 (GMT)

    I couldnt execute this workflow :-( Some of the services that are needed are not available

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