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Pack Who Wants to be a Data Miner?

Created: 02/11/11 @ 17:54:07 | Last updated: 04/09/12 @ 16:59:23

One of the most fun events at the annual RapidMiner Community Meeting and Conference (RCOMM) is the live data mining process design competition "Who Wants to be a Data Miner?". In this competition, participants must design RapidMiner processes for a given goal within a few minutes. The tasks are related to data mining and data analysis, but are rather uncommon. In fact, most of the challenges ask for things RapidMiner was never supposed to do. This pack contains solutions for these...

2 items in this pack

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Pack e-LICO recommender workflows

Created: 15/03/11 @ 15:33:48 | Last updated: 28/01/12 @ 19:39:06

This pack contains recommender system workflows created for the purpose of e-LICO project.

0 items in this pack

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Pack Online update experiment pack

Created: 29/01/12 @ 16:29:09 | Last updated: 29/01/12 @ 22:06:46

This is a pack containing experimentation workflows and datasets for item recommendation and rating prediction online update testing.

0 items in this pack

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Pack Creating a focused corpus of factual outcomes from b...

Created: 28/06/11 @ 11:19:04 | Last updated: 13/12/11 @ 16:02:16

 This pack contains resources and supplementary files for the submission to the MIND2011 workshop titled "Creating a focused corpus of factual outcomes from biomedical experiments" by James Eales, George Demetriou and Robert Stevens

0 items in this pack

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Pack Experimentation for recommender extension templates

Created: 28/01/12 @ 21:54:16 | Last updated: 31/01/12 @ 16:01:43

This is a recommender extension experimentation pack

0 items in this pack

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Pack RapidAnalytics Video Series Demo Processes

Created: 02/11/11 @ 15:02:21 | Last updated: 02/11/11 @ 18:00:41

This pack contains RapidMiner processes created for the RapidAnalytics Video Series.

1 item in this pack

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Pack RapidMiner plugin for Taverna videos and descriptions

Created: 06/06/11 @ 10:17:52 | Last updated: 13/12/11 @ 16:02:04

 This pack contains videos the show how to use various parts of the RapidMiner plugin for Taverna. The videos demonstrate how to build a Taverna workflow which collects a GEO dataset, uploads it to RapidAnalytics, trains a classifier on one half of the data and tests it on the other half. This classification process can be used to gauge how well mutant and control assays agree across experimental repeats.

3 items in this pack

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Pack Sudoku solving with RapidMiner (Who Wants to be a Da...

Created: 04/09/12 @ 16:56:44 | Last updated: 04/09/12 @ 16:58:26

A fun event at the annual RapidMiner conference RCOMM is the live data mining challenge "Who wants to be a data miner?" where contestants solve tasks data analysis tasks within a few minutes. In 2012 the task was to (partially) solve a Sudoku puzzle. Processes 1 to 3 in this pack correspond to the three tasks whereas process 0 loads the initial data and task 4 is a bonus process that solves the entire Sudoku. Make sure the processes are saved under the name they have on myExperimen...

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Pack RCOMM2011 recommender systems workflow templates

Created: 07/04/11 @ 14:59:37 | Last updated: 28/01/12 @ 19:37:47

No description

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