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Group: IST 600

Pack Mapping Service Pack

Created: 06/10/11 @ 04:34:31 | Last updated: 06/10/11 @ 04:55:05

This pack includes the Mapping Service Workflow and a spreadsheet with supporting data.

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Pack What's the Season?

Created: 05/10/11 @ 05:59:24 | Last updated: 05/10/11 @ 06:05:50

This pack contains the Excel file for What's the Season?, the workflow itself, and the inputs/outputs used for testing. The inputs/outputs are included in a .zip file. What's the Season? will take a list of astronomical objects and check them against an Excel file. The Excel file currently contains Messier objects with magnitudes less than 6.0 (common names unless the common name is ambiguous or nonexistent, and then it goes by Messier number). It also contains really bright stars. If none o...

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Pack Find elevation given city and country names

Created: 06/10/11 @ 03:06:32 | Last updated: 06/10/11 @ 04:15:33

This pack contains the workflows and supplemental files that I created for a project in IST600 - eScience and eResearch Workflows. This workflow accepts city and country names as user-supplied input. These value are supplied to the GetWeather webservice (, which returns an XML record of location and weather info for each recognized city. (See the uploaded photo "weather example") The XML returned from GetWeather is then searched u...

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Pack IST600 PS3 Inputs

Created: 14/09/11 @ 02:40:17 | Last updated: 14/09/11 @ 02:40:59

A pack of the inputs for PS3 in IST 600 at Syracuse University in Fall 2011.

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Pack Graphing and Citing Time Series Data

Created: 05/10/11 @ 15:28:19 | Last updated: 05/10/11 @ 16:02:12

This pack includes a worflow and its results.  The workflow extracts data from the Times Series Data Library and graphs it using Google charts.  The workflow also produces a citation for the date the data was accessed.

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Pack Extract Gene Sequence Information with Kepler

Created: 05/10/11 @ 04:58:33 | Last updated: 05/10/11 @ 06:11:56

This workflow and pack were designed for a class project.  The Kepler based workflow allows one to extract specific information from a gene sequence by using the accession ID as input.  By using two web services created for the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ,, one can extract the sequence header information as an output file, as well as retrieve the sequence, base pair count, and base pair ratios in...

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Pack Plotting Onondaga Trees

Created: 06/10/11 @ 01:21:43 | Last updated: 06/10/11 @ 01:23:08

This is the workflow, and the basic CSV that it pulls from that plots the populations of White Ash, Beech, and Hemlock in Onondaga County, NY from 2002 to 2008.

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Pack Get Element ID from gzipped GenBank file

Created: 06/10/11 @ 03:19:41 | Last updated: 06/10/11 @ 04:15:32

No description

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